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Even after your children are grown, being a single a parent can have a profound impact on your priorities, your schedule, and your perspective on life. But while your kids can enrich your life immeasurably, unfortunately, they can also considerably complicate your love life. SingleParentClick aims to iron out many of those complications by creating a safe, sympathetic space for single parents to connect in whatever way feels right for them. Although SingleParentClick is a relative newcomer in the world of online dating (it was founded in 2010, and is currently owned by Avalanche LLC), the company has had considerable success—it has attracted a customer base of nearly half a million strong, and has made countless single parents single no more!


Perhaps SingleParentClick’s most popular feature is the ability to browse matches. You will be shown a succession of profiles, and each profile will allow you to select whether you want to meet up with the match or not (or you can opt for a maybe). Then you can browse users who have said yes to you, a list of people you’ve approved, and a list of mutual matches (knowing you’re admired drains all the awkwardness out of making the first move). When you can breeze through so many profiles in so little time, you’ll find that special someone before you know it.

You can also set your account to receive email notifications—you can set which events trigger notifications and how often you receive notifications reporting on all activity on your account). This means you’ll never risk missing your soul mate (or just your next hot date). Premium membership also features access to SingleParentClick’s chatroom, bulletin boards, and user forum.


SingleParentClick uses cutting-edge encryption for your payment information. It also supplies a short list of safety tips to help those new to the online dating scene orient themselves. However, as with any online service, you and your own common sense are your best line of defense. In addition, SingleParentClick asserts that they carry out a rigorous screening process to weed out all but those serious about connecting with fellow single parents. However, they don’t provide any details about the mechanisms by which this screening process is carried out, and components of it are not in evidence during the sign up process or profile interfaces. If you are worried about the exact parameters of the process, you are encouraged to contact the company for specific details.

Sign Up

The initial sign up process is mercifully brief—you only have answer a short series of personal questions and indicate your corresponding preferences in a potential partner. You have the option of answering additional open-ended questions or upgrading your membership later.

Since, with the free membership, you cannot read the emails other users send you (although you can send emails and flirts), upgrading to gold membership is a necessity for a successful experience with SingleParentClick. Gold Membership also includes two other eye-catching perks, including premium ranking in searches and removal of ads from your screen. SingleParentClick claims satisfaction is guaranteed with their services; however, customers should probably not trust this assertion implicitly, as the Terms and Conditions also feature a “no refunds” proviso. The one-year membership is an excellent value, and if you’re reasonably convinced SingleParentClick is the right choice for you, the longer-term commitment is a gamble worth taking.


1-Month Membership$29.95$29.95_
3-Month Membership$89.85$19.9833% ($29.91)
6-Month Membership$89.94$14.9950% ($89.76)
1-Year Membership$120.00$10.0067% ($239.40)

Ease of Use

If you have any questions or concerns, customer support is available via support form. There is also a small FAQ concentrating on the most frequent customer questions and concerns. The interface is generally streamlined and intuitively arranged. Editing your profile is especially easy, since the profile is divided logically into clearly labeled subsections. The only feature that may be difficult to locate is the account settings, which is tucked away in the corner of the screen in a rather small font.

The Search

SingleParentClick’s search mechanisms are very extensive. You can stick to basic search, or you can use advanced search to restrict your search to people with specific features or interests. SingleParentClick also automatically generates matches based on your profile. Finally, uploading a photo ought to be at the top of every user’s priorities, since SingleParentClick calculates that users who do include a photo as part of their profile receive fifteen times more interests and emails.

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