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By Stephanie Reed


Professional Singles Over 40 is a discreet, exclusive, personalized service powered by, catering to a quality clientele of well-to-do, mature professionals seeking to pursue serious relationships with like-minded, accomplished partners. Its signature Relationship Experts, upon determining whether or not you qualify for their services, work tirelessly with you to craft the perfect profile and introduce you to the most eligible and exclusive singles. Professional Singles Over 40’s proven results garnered acclaim from The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Dr. Phil, and the Los Angeles Times, among other media outlets.


Professional Singles Over 40 is powered by, meaning your initial screening process is powered by one of the most respected names in the online dating business. While waiting for the latter stages of your partnership with Professional Singles Over 40 to coalesce, you can choose to take advantage of the many features has to offer.

Even if you don’t choose to personally utilize your profile, its proven success at predicting compatibility will help your Relationship Experts jumpstart your consultation—uniting the best of technology with the best of human intuition and experience.

Once you’ve been accepted to Professional Singles Over 40’s clientele, you can expect unparalleled service from Relationship Experts. When you team up with Relationship Experts, you’re enlisting both a dating guru and a professional matchmaker to your cause — not only will you learn how to promote yourself in the online dating jungle, but you will also score introductions to the successful special someone you truly deserve, someone pre-screened to ensure top quality and compatibility.


Safety and security are top priorities for Professional Singles Over 40. Not only is your privacy rigorously guarded and supported by a confidentiality agreement, but members can rest assured that their fellow users are pre-screened and have passed the site’s mandatory criminal background check. Users must also meet certain age and income requirements.

Sign Up

As Professional Singles Over 40 is powered by, the initial registration essentially mirrors signing up for that site. Once you’ve created your profile, experts review the information and, pending approval, contact you to begin the consultation process.

A Personal Matchmaker will then help you navigate other aspects of Professional Singles Over 40’s process. They will direct you to the specific service best suited to your needs, and help tailor your profile to achieve your perfect match.


Prices will vary depending on the exact dating service you are matched with.

OptionsTotal CostPer MonthSavings
Guarantee Value---------
6 Months$113.94$18.9960%
Guarantee Standard---------
6 Months$95.94$15.99---
3 Months$62.97$20.9955%
3 Months$53.97$17.99---

Ease of Use

The initial sign-up through is the only time you will have to navigate a webpage without assistance. And, as one would expect from such a titan in the online dating world, this process is simple, painless, and efficient. Once you’ve qualified for the matchmaking system, a Relationship Expert will be there to guide you every step of the way. No more worrying about how to compile or edit a profile, no more puzzling out which feature to use to woo the person of your dreams, and learning by tedious trial and error how to use features. Your Relationship Experts ensure that you are always at ease, and only a click away from a superb match.

The Search

Due to the exclusive nature of Professional Singles Over 40’s services, the matchmaking process includes several quality-controlling steps other sites lack. It may consequently take quite a while for you to be matched. But never fear! Once you’ve actually met your matches—extremely compatible singles who exceed all your standards, you’ll see just how much the effort the Relationship Experts have put in, and that it was well worth the wait.


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