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PerfectMatch caters to adults searching for lasting love. Its signature Duet Total Compatibility System and its simple yet highly effective search tools, designed by some of the most experienced online dating veterans in the business, has attracted millions of members and orchestrated countless happy ever afters. Join PerfectMatch and learn why its considerable pop-culture and academic clout (the site has received nods from Dr. Phil, Lifetime, and even several motion pictures, as well as endorsements from prominent researchers) is so well deserved.


The Duet ® Total Compatibility System is the centerpiece of PerfectMatch’s process. The site touts the system as the brainchild of a “renowned relationship expert” and the product of thirty-five years of research. It aims to understand “the whole person” and predict compatibility accordingly. Duet creates your unique profile based on your Personality, Values and Ideals, Life and Lovestyle, Preferences and their Love & Money Assessment to help you find the perfect recipe for relationship bliss.

While PerfectMatch is confident about Duet’s effectiveness, it also enables users to exercise considerable control over the search process, accepting Duet’s suggested criteria or to adapting search parameters to their own preferences.

Premium membership also enables users to access IceBreakers—series of pre-written questions designed to help—you guessed it—break the ice. There are two levels of icebreakers—the first level helps users to gauge their interest in one another, and the second level helps interested users get to know each other (and their relationship preferences) better.


As with most dating sites, PerfectMatch users must rely primarily on their own judgment to keep them safe. Legally separated applicants are not permitted to join until their divorce is finalized, meaning you can be sure that special someone is a special single someone. PerfectMatch has also been approved by TRUSTe, “the leader in online privacy issues.”

Sign Up

Because measuring compatibility is so central to PerfectMatch’s process, the sign-up process is accordingly rather lengthy and detailed, and the profile-building questionnaires span many pages. Users are encouraged to take additional surveys to further improve their results.

Building your personality profile is free, but subscription guarantees you perfect matches. The 3-Months is the most popular subscription, but the steep discount offered with the platinum and the additional features it offers (higher search results, profile highlighting, and enabling communication with all members) makes it an excellent value.


1-Month Membership$59.95$59.95-
3-Month Membership$110.85$36.95$69.00 (38%)
6-Month Membership$199.98$33.33$159.72 (44%)

Ease of Use

PerfectMatch is, for the most part, quite easy to navigate, though the FAQ and contact information for customer assistance, for instance, take a little digging to locate. Profile pages are packed with features and suggestions, but the site’s impeccable layout makes it fairly simple to find the exact feature you’re looking for.

The Search

In addition to the matches yielded by the Duet Total Compatibility System, PerfectMatch boasts five separate ways to search for matches on your own: by compatibility, by keyword, quick search (by gender, age, and location), and custom search (a variety of criteria, including hobbies or political views).

PerfectMatch also strongly encourages users to upload a photo, as the site estimates users with posted photos are 10 times more likely to elicit responses.


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