Online dating profile picture ideas for older daters

Your profile picture really does define you to others when you're using online dating sites. It might sound superficial, but the way you look in your profile picture will either attract or deter potential partners so you really should be careful and make sure you get it right.

First impressions

Your profile picture is the first way you have of attracting a partner, and as everyone knows first impressions are everything. There are currently millions of members using online dating sites, and over the years hundreds of thousands of couples have met online but making the wrong first impression will cut down your chances of finding that special someone.

Profile picture

When you’re getting ready for a date will you be throwing on something old and comfortable before pushing a comb quickly through your hair and declaring to yourself in the mirror that you’re good to go or will you be taking your time and picking the right clothes? You would be surprised to read that so many of us use profile shots that aren’t appropriate for online dating. Shots that are just too casual or images that are too scruffy aren’t going to attract a partner. You should make every effort to look good before you take your profile shot.

Facial expression

If you’ve decided to dress smartly and you’re ready to take your photo, how should you pose? Your facial expression really does say a lot about you. You can be smartly dressed and well-presented but if your expression reminds other members of a police mug shot, you won’t be getting too much attention. If you’re frowning, you won’t look inviting. You’re profile photo shouldn't just make an impression, it has to make the right impression so a genuine smile and relaxed manner are the ways to go.

Ready for your close up?

Another common mistake in photos, especially for older online daters, is images where the subject is too far away. Putting in a little background could suggest that you’re cultured and sophisticated or it could mean that you don’t want your face to be seen. Full body shots are fine as long as your profile also contains some close-ups.


Selfies are becoming increasingly popular on all sorts of social media sites and with some members of dating websites, but that’s not the way to go. Taking a self-portrait by holding your camera as far away as your arm will let can come out well, but getting a friend to take your close-ups from various angles is the best way to get a good image.

Family photos

Everyone wants their profile shot to reflect their personality and if you’re an out-going sort, you might consider adding group photos to your profile. If your potential partner is a shy and introverted person, you might be sending out a signal that you’re only interested in partying. You could also push away potential partners if a family member is pictured with you. The risk you’re running if the person in the image isn’t clearly signposted as “family”, is people viewing your profile may mistake the person you’re obviously close to as an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.



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