Mature Singles Only Review


Mature Singles Only’s matchmaking service offers a thoroughly personalized yet demonstrably efficient way to find you the lifelong love you deserve. With nearly seven million members and thirty-two years of matchmaking experience to the service’s name (not to mention more than eighty locations throughout the United States), you can trust that you’re putting your romantic future in the hands of real (and conveniently local) experts who know exactly how to engineer a truly compatible match.


Unlike other sites, Mature Singles Only’s process emphasizes why you’ve opted to use the site, ensuring your compatibility with your matches will extend to important (and all too often overlooked) facets of motivation and social situation.

This caring, conversational approach extends to the very foundation of their business model. Mature Singles Only has dozens of business locations distributed throughout the United States, meaning you can meet your (match)makers and develop a personal connection with them. You’ll be amazed at just how much easier this makes airing your concerns or discussing your relationship preferences. Taking time to get to know their clients is central to Mature Singles Only’s methods, and underpins their considerable success. Even if you realize during the process that you are looking for a service that caters to more casual clients (Mature Singles Only is firmly dedicated to those searching for a life partner), Mature Singles doesn’t leave you out in the cold—they’ll take the time to advise you about and connect you with the service that best suits your needs


Mature Singles Only takes pride in maintaining the safety of its community by screening every profile to guarantee the genuineness and commitment of all its registrants.

Sign Up

The sign-up process is neither brief nor extremely lengthy; the questions used to create your profile are largely open-ended, so they require some reflection. Once you complete the profile, Mature Singles Only will review your profile and contact you via a free phone call to start the consultation process and connect you with their nearest location.


Contact Mature Singles Only directly for current rates in your area. All initial matchmaking consultations are free.

Full Price One Month$23.99$23.99-
Standard Six Months$71.94$11.9950% ($72)
Value Six Months$83.94$13.9942.3% ($60.94)

Ease of Use

For those of us who are still learning the ins and outs of the Internet, Mature Singles Only is a perfect solution. As a matchmaking service, Mature Singles Only boasts dozens of locations across the United States, meaning a face-to-face consultation is closer than you think! All you have to do is complete the simple online sign-up form and Mature Singles Only will take it from there. Once they’ve contacted you to complete your profile, no further website navigation is necessary!

The Search

Finding your soul mate is rarely easy. Mature Singles Only strives to take care of “all the difficult work” on its clients’ behalf. They help you reflect on what exactly you want from a potential relationship, and whether their service is truly the best route for you. No more combing through profiles and painstakingly trying to gauge whether you would be compatible with so-and-so, or whether such-and-such is truly looking for the same level of commitment that you are—or worst of all, if the face behind the screen is really that sexy someone they claim to be. All you have to do is help Mature Single Only get to know you, stay positive about the process, and enjoy the journey to true love.


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