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Overview: is one of the most reliable and recognised dating sites around today. It was started in Montreal in 2003 and the site caters for all kinds of dating, from a more casual dating approach to companionship or marriage. It is generally aimed at people who are looking for a more serious relationship. It is known as one of the top five dating sites and boasts a registered membership count of over 25 million people. These people are from all over the world, as is used internationally. The site is super user friendly, well sign posted and very accessible and has an excellent reputation as a trusted dating site.

Features: offers various features, all of which are easily understood and very simple to use. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy genius to know your way around this site!

Features on this site include:

Extensive profile options – you can make your profile really detailed if you want to. This is advisable, as your profile should represent you as accurately as possible so you can get the best matches. But if you’re just browsing, you don’t have to fill in lots of details about yourself! It’s optional and you can just skip it if you don’t want to give too much away about yourself.

One of’s unique features is the option to make a voice recording. This essentially allows you to record a voice message on your profile, like a greeting, so people can hear how you sound, in addition to being able to read what you have written about yourself. This can be really beneficial when you’re looking at a potential match!

There are a few communication options – you can send pre-written messages to make initial contact with matches, if you’re not sure what to say. You can email each other when your matches are not online at the same time as you, and you can send instant messages when they are.

Cell / Mobile / iPhone app – if you have a smart phone, tablet or iPad, you can use the app that the site has set up. If you’re traveling you can still find the right person for you! The app follows the same user friendly ethos as the main website.

Sign Up:

The first stage of the sign up is very simple. Using the multiple choice system, you choose your gender, the gender of who you’re looking for and the age range you want to search for. You add your location and you’ll be directed to the next page where you fill in your user name, email address and password. After that you can choose what information is included in your profile. If you want to fill in the whole thing, there are 4 pages, some of which are check box based and others are open-ended essay style questions that you answer about yourself, to give a better idea of who you are and how you communicate. Be aware that there are a couple of small print checked boxes that you should un-check if you don’t want to receive information from the site’s trusted third parties.


The site very clearly states it is only open only to over 18s. The policies on safety and the terms and conditions for using the site are easily accessible and understood - you can view them in the relevant sections by clicking on the links. The site encourages you to add a photo and provides various tips on how to date online while maintaining your safety, both of information and in person. If you’re not sure how your information is being used, you can contact the site via the address or email contact details provided.

3-Day Trial$1.95--
1-Month Membership$39.95$39.95-
3-Month Membership$74.97$24.99$44.88 (37%)
6-Month Membership$119.94$19.99$119.76 (50%)

The Search:

The search is divided into three sections and can be as complex as you want to make it, or as basic! The first section is the basic search, which allows you to search for the gender, age range and distance limit. The advanced search will bring up a large number of categories that range from religion to life goals to physical appearance to sexual and romantic preferences. The third section is the keywords, so you can search for specific things that you’d like to see in your matches’ profile descriptions.

Bottom Line: is an easy to use, friendly and trustworthy dating website that focuses on people and the best ways to really connect them. Whatever your experience with technology and online dating, makes the whole process painless and simple. The features and search settings are effective without being overly complex. Whatever you’re looking for, whether it is companionship or something more romantic you won’t struggle to find it on this site!


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