Is There Stigma Attached To Older People Dating Online?

Now that it's had a decade or so to settle in, online dating has become almost ubiquitous. It's a good way for someone who might otherwise be a little set in their ways to get out and meet new people - in other words, a perfect choice for many older people looking for a new partner. It's a chance to get into settings you might not otherwise have explored and use them to meet people you might not otherwise have met, and that can be hard for anyone in their forties or fifties to manage at the best of times.

Sadly, there's often perceived to be something of a stigma around it - and one that doesn't necessarily exist for younger people exploring the dating world in this way. There are multiple reasons for this, and so we wanted to explore a few of them in more depth.

Attitudes Take A Generation To Change

There's pretty much no stigma at all about online dating amongst those in their teens and twenties - and really, that demographic hardly needs specialist dating sites to do it. The internet is so very much an extension of real life now that it's just as obvious you might meet someone you're interested in there as anywhere else.

For the more mature cohorts, though, there's often no such acceptance. Dating on the internet comes across as a little desperate not because it is - it's really no different to anything else, and usually more effective - but because you're working in an age bracket who haven't really had the internet for a large enough chunk of their lives for it to seem so much a part of them.

Many Of Your Peers Are All Coupled Up

By the time you're over forty, it's pretty likely that most of your friends are in stable relationships. If that's not true for you, there are a hundred reasons for it - probably as many as there are people - but it can seem like a difficult thing to change, and an almost embarrassing thing to admit to.

If you want to change it, though - and it's okay if you don't, but if you do want to - then that sense of shame has to be the first thing to go. There's nothing wrong with you that someone won't be able to love, and embarrassment will hold you back far more than any of your perceived other faults.

What Can You Do?

If you've been struggling with some of this stuff, the best place to work through it is probably a dating website designed specifically for people in your age bracket. You won't be dealing with any of the outdated stigma you might worry about (after all, everyone there is in the same boat), you'll get in touch with a massive range of people and you won't have to worry that you'll keep finding only prospective dates much younger than you who won't be after the same things as you are.

It can be scary, sure. But it can also be amazing - and you won't know till you try.



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