Is age difference important for the over 40s?

Most couples are formed on the basis of mutual interests, shared beliefs, common pastimes, similar upbringing and a cocktail of other factors that usually bring these people together and allow them to nourish and develop a relationship. Therefore, people that belong to the same sociological generation have a higher chance of enjoying each other’s company.

In recent years, society has developed to such an extent as to allow people to meet virtually, to extend their horizons, to travel long distances, to learn things that would have otherwise been inaccessible to them, to find mates with entirely different cultural backgrounds, and to become attracted to people of different age groups. An advanced society shouldn't really be bothered with matters of personal choice when it comes to love, because in the end, building families and communities is in everybody’s best interest. Still, May-December romances continue to spark a good deal of popular criticism, possibly due to misinterpreted and overblown feminist movements against female exploitation in unequal marriage, or maybe due to traditional practices that were unfavorable to either side.

However, many of the negative reasons that people would have listed in disfavor of age gaps have become obsolete and we will name a few of them below.


Needless to say, an age gap entails health issues for the senior as the relationship progresses. Modern medical interventions, however, including plastic surgery, can lessen the gap tremendously. Additionally, a healthy lifestyle, a good diet and a positive general attitude can make the age difference seem insignificant.


As women age, their chances of having children decrease and advanced maternal and paternal age can influence the health of the babies, which is why the matter of having children needs serious consideration. Still, there are numerous options available nowadays for mature parents, including adoption, surrogate parenting, IVF etc.

Social ascent

Most couples find it hard to secure their relatives’ consent to their relationship, especially if children and former spouses are involved, and ultimately, their opinions affect the integrity of the relationship. Still, there is no reason to put the relationship on the back-burner. Sooner or later, relatives will have to come to terms with the fact that their apprehension is biased and unfounded.

Wage gap

As with many other couples, the general assumption is that the ‘silver fox’ or ‘cougar’ earns more than the younger of the two sweethearts, while the latter uses his or her youthfulness to attract the suitor. However the game of seduction unravels, this type of attraction is by no means different from what goes on in typical relationships, namely that boyfriend and girlfriend are attracted to one another because they each have some overarching traits that the other finds irresistible. What those traits are, however, is a matter of context and chance. To put it bluntly, correlation is not the same as causation.

To conclude, there is hardly any reason for people to select their partners based on age compatibility nowadays, because the traditional mindset that deemed age gap a faux pas is based on assumptions that no longer apply to our society. Hopefully, people will learn to judge their compatibility for themselves and disregard public opinion in matters of the heart.



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