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By Stephanie Reed


Since been founded in New York in 2010, HowAboutWe has assisted those throughout the area to meet, with a dedicated couples site having grown to cover the likes of Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Yes, this isn’t just another dating site where you’ll spend all of your time ‘winking’ or favoriting people rather than actually meeting any of them. Instead, there’s an emphasis on offline dating, as enshrined by the feature that gives the site its name, a suggestion of a potential real world date that appears in each user profile.


As mentioned, HowAboutWe is very much two-pronged, with different parts of the site dedicated to singles and existing couples looking to do something interesting. For those seniors still looking for a mate, they are likely to find the singles site refreshingly simple and tasteful. As soon as you log in, you’ll see various profiles making suggestions of things to do, and of course, you can always post your own.

Have you spotted someone with whom you’d like to connect… someone you find not only attractive, but also to have a good taste in things to do? Great! You’ve already got a little something in common, and it’s easy to get in touch with them. If you’re struggling to think of something original and interesting to do, just click the Surprise Me and Inspiration links for ideas. There’s also a free mobile app on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Click the site’s Play tab for the likes of speed dating, dating ideas and even a date map, or take a look at your latest messages in the traditional dating site way.


The site screens dates to ensure their compliance with certain guidelines, such as that they take place in public places. Although the site does not conduct criminal background checks on users, it does have a sophisticated automatic defense system that picks out suspicious behavior.

Sign Up

You’ll be prompted on arrival at the site to create a free account by entering your gender and the gender in which you have an interest, alongside your zip code, desired age range, birthdate, intended username and a password. You’ll then be asked to provide various further details to maximize your dating success, including your career, education, politics and faith. You can specify whether you’d rather only date those who share your faith – an important detail for many senior daters. Tell the site more about your ethnicity, children, height and more to ensure a more complete and interesting profile.


The discounts are big here for any of the multiple month packages. By upgrading, you’ll give yourself no limit on the number of messages that you can send or receive, and nor will you be encumbered by adverts on the site ever again. There’s also a 100% get-offline guarantee that gives you a full refund on your subscription if you don’t go out on any dates.

1-Month Member$34.99$34.99-
3-Month Member$47.97$15.9954.3% ($57)
6-Month Member$59.94$9.9971.4% ($150)
12-Month Member$95.88$7.9977.2% ($324)

Ease of Use

Once you’ve grasped the basic premise of HowAboutWe – suggesting date ideas and/or following up on those given by other site users – you shouldn’t be confused by any of the site’s functions. There are Search and Post Date links at the very top of the page that should be fairly self-explanatory, while the Play link leads you to the site’s speed dating, date ideas and date map sections. A dropdown menu at the top right hand side of the page gives you a link to your settings page, where you can modify all of that important email, login and profile information.

The Search

The good men and women behind HowAboutWe have obviously thought of the lazier and time-pressed amongst us (or even just those of us who find dating site search features confusing) by incorporating five Daily Dates, to which you can say “I’m Intrigued” or instead move onto the next profile. Or maybe you want to be that little bit more discerning, by making use of a wide range of deeper search functionalities? Search just by keyword, factor the likes of politics and education into the equation or only show profiles that express an interest in a particular type of activity… it’s all possible with HowAboutWe.


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