The Art of Dating a Divorcee

By Dating Tips

The chances of meeting someone who has never been married or lived together in a partnership once they reach the age of 40 is remote. Naturally the older you get, the wiser you become, so dating becomes slightly more difficult in as far as there may be subjects that are best avoided. So what is the best approach to dating a divorcee – here are some handy tips.

How to meet a Divorcee

Where better than with an online dating agency, where you will be able to study their profiles and get to know their likes and dislikes before you even make contact. Each profile will say whether that person is divorced, if they have children, pets, where they live and what they do for work, in fact just about everything that could take you many meetings to discover under normal dating circumstances. There are many sites that attract the over 40s, so it is easy to find people in a similar situation to yourself.

Divorced After a Long Relationship

If he or she has been married for many years, then the breakup may have been particularly acrimonious. Do not mention 'the ex' – your or theirs - until the relationship is well advanced and if the divorcee raises the subject, take their lead, but do not discuss your 'ex' in any great detail, as this can appear as though you have not really moved on and in the right frame of mind to meet someone new. If the former husband or wife is not firmly in the past, you may well discover that there will be three of you in any new relationship.

Divorced With Live-In Children

These days it is not necessarily the woman that is left with custody of the children, so men and women need to consider this very carefully when contemplating dating a divorcee. For example, should the relationship develop, would you be prepared to take on someone else's children and how will they react to you. If you love children, then there should be no problem, especially if the kid are well adjusted to their new situation. If your children have grown and left home, consider very carefully whether you want to take on a new family that may still need nurturing.

The First Date

Having emailed each other and spoken on the phone or chatted online with a webcam, now is the time to meet. Maybe you both have children from your previous marriage, so babysitters will have to be arranged, as meeting in a public place is a must. Perhaps go for a drink and then if the date is going well suggest a restaurant; you will soon discover whether you have a lot to talk about. If things go well – great – if not, move on to the next one, as that is the beauty of online dating; there is always someone else waiting for you.

If you are divorced, over 40 and looking for someone special in a similar situation to yourself, then online dating is the only way to go. Have fun – life is just beginning - again.



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