Hot or Not: Physical Attraction for Seniors

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As the number of users who have become involved in online dating continues to increase, many seniors are also choosing to use such an opportunity to encounter friendship and romance. It is a well-known fact that physical appearance is the first thing we will notice about someone when viewing their profile, but is this factor really as important as it appears? This is an interesting question, so let us take a further look.

Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

Physical attraction is an important basis for any relationship, but younger generations will obviously tend to place much more weight upon this attribute. However, this changes over time. As we age, we begin to adore someone for who they are as opposed to what they look like. In other words, we appreciate the fact that no one will stay young forever. This makes the older generation of online daters less likely to place a great deal of emphasis on one's picture alone. They will rather be more interested in getting to know who you are, your interests and your passions in life.

Not To Be Denied

Still, we should never forget that physical attraction is nonetheless important in conversing with others and finding a special connection. This is the main reason that you should always post recent photos of yourself on your profile. As seniors are healthier and living longer lives than ever before, physical attributes may even play a slightly more important role than they did in the past. Also, one's physical characteristics can tell a great deal about the user before conversation even begins. It cannot be denied that we are very visual creatures and even for seniors, physical attraction still exists in a very real sense.

A Sublime Balance

Returning to the original question, just how important is physical attraction in the online dating circuit? The answer is that this factor will differ for everyone. Still, it is highly likely that personality will be just as important (if not more so) than looks alone. Beauty will be displayed in conversation and mutual resonance as opposed to skin-deep physicality alone. You likely feel this way yourself; having already experienced both ends of the spectrum. This is a massive benefit, for online dating sites that cater to seniors are one of the areas of the Internet that are growing the fastest each and every year.

Still, recall that physical attraction is still a very real concern. So, always put your best visual "foot" forward. Choose photos that accentuate your personality. Opt for pictures that show you enjoying your favorite activities and those in which you are active and happy. A smile goes a long way at any age and the power of visual positivity cannot be denied. Physical beauty is not immortal while emotional beauty can very well last forever. It is likely that you have already come to terms with aging and most users will have done the same. By combining wit, personality and honesty alongside a few well-placed pictures, you will undoubtedly find someone who matches your unique interests and passions.



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