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It’s fair to say that when you’re a slightly older dater, you’re probably that little bit less likely to want nothing more than ‘no strings attached’ fun, yes? What you’re probably truly after is meaningful companionship from someone who is actually compatible with you. If that safely describes you, then we reckon – one of the latest creations of dating giant – could be of interest. It makes use of a personality test that produces scarily accurate results, alongside the most recent research of internationally renowned biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher, to deliver you truly deep matches.


Once you’ve completed the initial personality test that very much defines the site (see the ‘sign up’ section below), you’ll be quickly brought to your matches, and you’ll see that the presented profiles are categorized as one of four personality types: explorers, directors, negotiators and builders. We’ll leave you to sign up to discover the exact differences between them!

Click on one of these profiles, and you’ll get to see all manner of info – including (hopefully) a photo, as well as the basics like eye color and height, in addition to a few more detailed bits like the person’s interests and what they’re looking for. However, your eyes are bound to be drawn in particular to the ‘how you two click’ section of the profile, where you’ll discover the real extent to which you two would make a great couple. You can use this information to decide whether you are interested in this person or would prefer to keep browsing elsewhere.

Elsewhere on the site, there’s a ‘stream’ where you can see further profiles that may catch your eye, and a subscriber-only ‘connections’ page – not to mention more conventional dating site features like winks and an inbox. There’s even a dedicated section for viewing who has shown an interest in you.


You don’t need to reveal your full name on the site, and if any other profiles do concern you, there’s a link at the bottom of each one whereby it can be reported to site staff. The site has also published a series of useful dating safety tips.

Sign Up

Get the signup process underway by entering your first name, as well as your gender and that of your desired match. Add your password, birthdate, email address and zip code. Then, it gets really interesting. You’ll be asked to pick, from a series of images, which most resembles your right hand, followed by various questions about your personality, details like your eye and hair color, your match and you, in your own words. This might all seem needlessly elaborate, but it’s anything but – and it’s worth remembering that it’s entirely free.


By subscribing, you’ll gain the freedom to communicate at any time with the matches that capture your interest. You’ll be paying almost half the money over time if you opt for the six month package over the one month option, but beware of the additional local sales tax.

1-Month Membership$39.99$39.99-
3-Month Membership$80.97$26.9932.5% ($39)
6-Month Membership$125.94$20.9947.5% ($114)

Ease of Use

Once you’re actually on the site, it all looks deceptively basic, with wide expanses of white space and only a seemingly limited number of menu options. But hover your mouse cursor over those options at the top of the page, and they’ll reveal various dropdown options, showing the full considerable functionality of the site. Still, it remains easy to get around the site, even when it comes to modifying account information like your email address, email preferences, password and zip code. Just place your cursor over your profile photo in the top right corner of the page to reveal the relevant ‘account’ link.

The Search

There isn’t a conventional search feature as you might have already encountered on other senior-oriented dating sites – after all, is specifically designed to allow you to cut through all of that and quickly pinpoint someone who makes the perfect match. Indeed, you only need to click ‘matches’ at the top of the page to see plenty of them. You can sort the resultant list by such parameters as date served, personality, age, activity and photos. Why not look at only your very latest matches, or those members that have shown an interest in you? You’ll definitely never lack for interesting matches at


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