Beauty Tips For Older Single Women

Unfortunately, as we get older certain aspects of our overall appearance start to look less attractive to the opposite sex compared with when we were younger. However, while there is nothing we can do about time passing, there are many things we can do to look better and more attractive even as we move well into middle age and beyond. Below are our best and most effective tips for not only holding back the years, but also looking better than you did even when you were much younger!

Drink Ten Glasses Of Water Per Day

As we age we become increasingly more dehydrated with every passing year. Researchers tend to think that the reason for this is that our sensation of thirst declines and causes us to take in less water than we really need for our faces and bodies to look at their most youthful and vibrant. The way to counteract this commonly experienced problem is to make sure that you drink a minimum of ten normal sized glasses of water everyday. This will keep your skin plump and youthful and you will feel better and more energetic, too.

Add Avocado To Your Diet

One of the biggest secrets to looking younger than you really are is adding foods to your diet which have high quantities of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals that make your hair and skin glow. Avocado is one of these wonder foods which has these highly beneficial effects due to its high percentage concentration of healthy omega oils. Try to include it in your diet at least three times per week, preferably as part of a fresh salad with other nutritious ingredients.

Cut Down On Your Alcohol Intake

In the first two tips we have looked at things to add to your eating regime, but in this tip the focus is on taking a commonly consumed item out of your diet: alcohol. Alcohol dries out your skin, causes you to put on fat around the stomach, makes your whole body function more sluggishly and encourages excess eating which makes it very easy to put on more. Ideally, in order to look as young as possible, you would eliminate all alcohol from your diet, but if that is unrealistic, then cutting way back would be a very good idea.

Wear Sunscreen When Outside

It can be very tempting to build up a tan, especially during the warm summer months when the sun is glowing outside. When trying to look more youthful it can prove problematic because the sun can be ageing to the skin due to its powerful UV rays. For this reason, it is best to rub on a high quality protective sunscreen in the summer months to make sure that your skin doesn’t get damaged by the sun’s rays and end up dried out.


While, sadly, none of us are able to turn back the clock to look exactly how we did many long years ago, it is encouraging to know that there are effective tips available to us to stay looking as youthful and attractive as we can.



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