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Some dating sites are happy to leave matchmaking to the heavens or mere accident, and some senior daters may be fine with that. But for others, that isn’t good enough. What they really want is a more scientific and considered means of being introduced to potentially suitable dates, and it’s those people for whom be2 exists. The site assesses compatibility on the basis of psychological, anthropological and sociological criteria, with a focus on seven relevant aspects of your personality. It’s from such an analysis that the basis can come for truly loving relationships.


For so many of the older daters that choose be2, it’s all about that intricate and in-depth personality profile, as constructed over an extensive signup questionnaire that probes their attitudes and hypothetical responses to all kinds of situations. But once that personality profile has been built up and you finally reach the main dating section of the site, what features can you expect?

The short answer is: all of the features that you’d expect to find on any complete and reputable senior dating site. The dating profiles on be2, for instance, are comprehensive, with plenty of opportunity to tell the world about your personality, outlook on life, lifestyle and thoughts about love. Naturally, there’s also the chance for you to view your personality report, which shows whether you are more distant or attached, for example, or place a greater emphasis on observation or feeling.

You can peruse the list of partner recommendations that the site has already thrown up, or delve back into your search criteria if what you see isn’t entirely pleasing you. There’s also the customary Inbox for your messages – of course – in addition to a link to your present favorites.


In common with many other dating sites, there are no real names used on be2, so you can remain fairly anonymous. In addition, the site zealously guards your personal information, working alongside leading international data centers. Furthermore, nobody can see your photograph on the site unless you decide they can.

Sign Up:

Registration is free, and to begin with, you simply need to navigate to the homepage and complete the initial form there, including providing your gender and the gender in which you are interested, alongside a username, password and email address. You’ll then be presented with a questionnaire that is necessary for the creation of your personality profile, which will be used to introduce you to potentially suitable partners. You will be quizzed on such parameters as rationality vs. emotionality, tradition vs. innovation and distance vs. attachment.


Although taking the personality test and creating a profile is free, reading and writing messages to other members isn’t possible without taking advantage of one of the paid options. A contact guarantee enables subscribers who have exchanged messages with fewer than 10 different be2 members during their premium membership period to have it extended, free of charge.

Source for pricing:

3-Day Trial$5 (approx.)--
3-Month Membership$195 (approx.)$65 (approx.)-
12-Month Membership$420 (approx.)$35 (approx.)46.2% ($360)

Ease of Use:

Once you reach your account following the questionnaire, you’ll find the site easy to get around and use, simply because everything is laid out front and center and there aren’t many gimmicks and extras to complicate things. Click on the My List tab to see all of your matches and favorites, or click My Profile to review your profile and personality report, tinkering with the settings if you deem necessary. The other tab is for your Inbox, with your messages, sent items and archive can all able to be seen here.

The Search:

TIf the present partner recommendations served up by the site aren’t quite doing it for you, there’s always the option of plunging deeper into the many available search parameters. You can switch your desired partner’s gender between male and female, or specify both. You can also fiddle with the selected age range, height and place of residence – even searching for a partner abroad, if you so wish. Other search parameters that you can experiment with here cover everything from education and minimum yearly income to children and smoking habits.


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