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By Stephanie Reed


The premise of AYI is really simple, and will be familiar to anyone who has used the Are You Interested app, whether on Facebook, iOS or Android. At the most basic level, it’s really just about being introduced to various dating profiles and confirming whether or not you are interested… and if you are, you’ll be invited to get in touch with that person. Beyond that, a wealth of other features is available to support you in your matchmaking, including instant messaging and advanced search.


Certain aspects of AYI look like any other dating site – after all, there’s the option to randomly browse for members or conduct an advanced search. You’ll also recognize the Matches, My Likes, Likes Me and Viewed Me pages from other dating sites, and there’s also the customary Inbox for those messages from prospective dates.

However, there are various other ways in which AYI is frankly a cut above most other dating sites, such as the wide range of options for filling out your profile. Tell the world about your interests in things like TV, music and movies, or reveal such details about yourself as your eye color, religion and ethnicity. You can also add photos to your profile, and this is where we come to what is surely the crux of AYI above other dating sites… the option to say whether you really are ‘interested’ in someone.

Login each day, and you’ll be greeted by a succession of profiles to give the thumbs up or down to. What happens when you do come across a person you fancy? Well, then it’s a case of contacting them! You can also take advantage of ‘Daily Introductions’ to potential dates, contactable through Match.com.


Bearing in mind that you don’t even need to upload a photo or reveal your actual name, it would seem that the natural in-built protection is good. However, there’s also a link to dating safety tips so that you can more easily pick out the scammers and avoid them.

Sign Up:

It’s easy to connect immediately if you have a Facebook account, but even if you don’t (and why don’t you??), it’s free and easy to register. Just tell the site your gender and the gender that you are looking for, as well as your country (the United States, naturally) and your zip code. Then, you’ll need to give the site such details as your intended display name, email address, password and birthday. Then, once you’ve clicked the activation email, you’re in, and can make the most of the site’s features.


There’s just the one premium option, and it’s a good value one. However, at the time we logged on, a limited time offer was giving us the opportunity to halve the usual price, so if you’re on the site at the right time, you might just be able to lighten the stress on your wallet even more.

6-Month Membership$37.49$6.25-

Ease of Use:

The fact that the site largely just consists of a succession of dating profiles, accompanied by the simple question “Are You Interested?” and ‘Yes’ and ‘Skip’ buttons, means it’s largely a foregone conclusion that the site is easy to use and navigate, even if you’re the kind of plus 40 dater who barely uses dating sites. It helps even more that you don’t even need to go through a sign up process if you already have a Facebook account. Your account settings are also easy to reach at the top right hand side of the page.

The Search:

If idly browsing the site isn’t enough of a ‘search’ for you, there are definitely various advanced search options that should prick your interest. You can start searching by age and distance to begin with, or plunge even further into such specifics as ethnicity, height, career, eye color and hair color. You can even search by interest, a nice, quick way of finding someone just like you.


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