5 Most Important Things a Woman in Her 40s Is Looking For In a Partner

When it comes to matters of love, age concerns have always been at the center. This is why some women will only go for older men, while most males will aim for quite the opposite – younger women. Regardless of that, anyone trying to woo a woman in her forties must be conversant with her needs to be able to make his efforts pay off.

1. Kindness and Honesty

Younger women are generally concerned about money and achievement and they are therefore more likely to accept anyone as long as the person has a good job and a big account. On the contrary, women in their 40s are less worried about such issues, but more interested on the personality of the individual. They regard men who are kind, considerate and honest as a better match.

2. Attentiveness

Every woman wants someone who values their opinion. This doesn’t mean that the man has to agree with them on everything though; it basically means that they need men who can appreciate their ideas and acknowledge what they say. Thus, it’s important for a man to pay attention to his partner’s feelings because it is only then that she will believe in the impact she has on his life.

3. Spontaneity

Women in their 40s find spontaneous men more attractive than those who stick to routine. Therefore, surprising her with little gifts every now and then, planning surprise dinners, and sending her flowers even when there’s no special occasion can go a long way into making the woman fonder and more appreciative of the relationship.

4. Manly Conduct

Manly manners are crucial for mature ladies: they value men who can pull out their chairs, open doors for them, and even take their hand when they are walking on the street. Also, at this age, chances are the woman will already be raising kids and looking after her elderly parents. With all these responsibilities on her head, their ideal man would be a flexible, mature and resilient man – not a man who needs to be nursed or mothered.

5. Proper Hygiene

Just like their younger counterparts, hygiene is ever so important to 40 year old women. Clean teeth, groomed facial hair, hands and nails are just a few of the things that the woman may use to evaluate the potential of any man they come across. Smell is also crucial; if a man reeks of cigarette smoke or alcohol throughout, he is bound to be considered less attractive than one who has a natural smell.

It often appears that when it comes to what women want, men have absolutely no clue. In reality however, understanding women is not as difficult. Knowing what women look for in their partners can be a great step towards locating and impressing a soul mate. Still, any desirable traits should never be exaggerated because when this happens, one may just get the opposite of what they intended.



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