19 Advantages of Dating Mature Women

You may already have noticed a certain look that people give you when they see you with a lady several years older than you and the word ‘cougar’ may have been unceremoniously tossed around. This look of disapproval is due to the preconceived notion that a relationship such as this won’t last. Decidedly not the archetype of relationships, your romantic involvement with your mature sweetheart has several reasons to be more successful than others, mostly due to the lessons and virtues that your date has amassed along the years.

A mature woman will generally meet some, if not all of these criteria:


She’s probably already achieved most of her professional and personal goals and will therefore be less demanding of you than a younger woman would. You will probably enjoy the fact that she is at a stage in her life when working impossible hours, constantly complaining about her boss and worrying about paying her rent are far behind her and she can focus on spending quality time with you. And if she has peace-of-mind and contentment, her attitude toward you may be more detached, which in turn means you’ll be more independent, something your relationship will stand to gain from.

Private space

She will probably not be as jealous and overbearing as previous girlfriends and she will certainly handle herself with more dignity if her position is threatened. As such, she may not follow you around or check up on you as much as your previous girlfriend, which is not to say that you should repay her trust by deceiving her. On the contrary, you should appreciate her for giving you private space, because most girlfriends are clingy and annoying, as you already must know.


Suffice it to say, she’s generally more experienced in matters of intimacy, which means she may give your fantasies a try and even show you a few things. It’s more a matter of circumstance, though, so don’t expect her to bounce around like a gymnast.

Social standing

A woman who’s been through certain social situations won’t embarrass you in public. She knows what and how to order in a French restaurant, she knows how to hold the cutlery and she knows what type of wine goes with your food. She can hold her own in difficult social situations because she’s comfortable in her own skin. And even if she does do something slightly awkward, she’ll probably be composed and she’ll handle the damage with poise and grace.

More discreet

An older woman has friends that have withstood the test of time. People that she can rely on and that you can trust to look after her disinterestedly. This means she doesn’t share everything with her bffs, or ask for mum’s advice all the time, because she knows good friends don’t care for gossip. And knowing your girlfriend doesn’t text everybody to ask for their approval when you want to spend time with her is liberating.

Genuinely like you

She probably has a good reason for hooking up with you, because mature women don’t waste their time, so take it as a compliment, because she could have been doing other, more interesting things.

So don’t worry as much about what people may think about your relationship. It will only affect you if you let it. Focus on the positive aspects of your involvement and know that if you treat your girlfriend like a lady, she will show you with the same consideration and appreciation and your romance will flourish.



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