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The biggest Senior Dating user base in the world!
Searching is possible by: customizable search, age, keyword and interests.

The best site for dating seniors!

Big mature singles user base.
Search for mature singles by taking a personality compatibility test.

A good web site for dating seniors.

Booming user base
Search by lifestyle, location, ethnicity, etc. with custom search; daily matches based on Zoosk algorithm

Fun and easygoing - online dating your way

Senior daters looking for love and companionship.
Offers comprehensive advanced search and matchmaking features according to profile and personality test.

A popular site for serious senior daters over 50.

Single Seniors looking to meet for meaningful relationships
Great advanced search, plus ideal date searches and more!

Great matching site that pairs users of similar interests.

Large senior dating user database
Find senior dating by searching locally, by age or occupation.

Dating through this site works, period.

Single seniors looking for long term, romantic relationships.
Basic and advanced searching tools to help you find that special someone.

Perfect site for those looking to kindle a serious relationship!

Large global user base including seniors looking for a compatible relationship
Seniors can search for other seniors by age, personality traits, values and other important factors

Easy to use dating site that helps seniors find their match

Where golf fans ages 50+ can find like-minded people.
Seniors can find other members their age using the age range and keyword options

Perfect for single seniors looking to hit the green with that special someone.

A large userbase of mature singles looking for meaningful, lasting relationships.
Varied search criteria to find the perfect match for you.

Effective site for senior singles looking for love.

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Latest Customer Reviews

  • To be honest, I never expected to find love online (or, at my age, anywhere else!) but OurTime proved me wrong!!! I'd tried a few general online-dating sites, but I soon found I wanted a site that specialized in an older crowd, and OurTime was PERFECT. I knew as soon as I started filling out my profile that I'd found the right service for me--all I had to do was write a few sentences about who I am and who I'm looking for--the way profiles should be. And that was more than enough for my girlfriend and me to find each other! We're (very happily) engaged, but we still use OurTime to meet new people and make new friends.

    Reviewer: Leslie Addams

    Location: Massachusetts

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  • Well, I'd gone through an emotionally painful and costly divorce after a very long but often dissatisfying relationship, so I thought, what do I really stand to lose by signing up to a site like this one? LoveAgain definitely lives up to its title - there are so many people of a similar age to me here, and the site also does a lot to get you to meet people - sending a message on your behalf to matches etc. It definitely helps to get the contacts and conversations flowing. I can't say I'm unhappy with the people that I've already managed to meet through this site.

    Reviewer: Tina Franklin

    Location: Virginia

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  •'s powerful matchmaking tools combined with the expertise and sensitivity of a dating professional was a match made in heaven, and I wasn't surprised that Professional Singles Over 40 soon found me my match made in heaven. I'm very satisfied with the service and the results.

    Reviewer: Rowan

    Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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  • I'd been single for way too long, so I thought, hey, why not sign up to a dating site? If I'm honest, I never normally do the dating site thing at all, but I'd heard from friends and family that this one was one of the most reputable, as it's been around longer than any other site. It doesn't flaunt its history or anything like that, though - it just gets on with providing you with great matches. I have no complaints about the men I've managed to meet through this site.

    Reviewer: Kelly Bray

    Location: Texas

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  • Who wants to spend time on the green alone?? I definitely don't, and as a keen golfer, it made sense for me to find a date through a specialist site like this one. It's basically got all of the features that you'd expect of a good dating site, but with so many more golfers! I found this a better way of looking for love than many of the golfing online forums I frequent.

    Reviewer: Mildred Dalton

    Location: Tennessee

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  • Zoosk is definitely one of the best sites that I have ever encountered. It only took me a day to setup my account on the site and a few weeks to find my perfect match. The interface is also real esy to use and undrstand. I hily recomend the site for anyone who wants to find luv through cybrspace.

    Reviewer: Callie

    Location: New Jersey

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  • You do hear about sites like this a lot, especially eHarmony with all of that stuff about how it ensures greater compatibility, blah blah blah, yodda yodda yodda. Well, as a long-time quirky singleton, what could I do but try it? If I'm honest, that questionnaire was damn long-winded, but I was at least thankful to get onto the site, given how some of my friends had told me they weren't accepted. I think they root out any suspicious looking profiles damn quickly here, too!! Anyway, all I can say is... it's great. It's all of the in-depth dating site functionality you'll ever need. The ultimate dating site - if you can actually get accepted as a member.

    Reviewer: Linda Smith

    Location: Michigan

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  • I know, I know... may seem kinda obvious, but when it does all of the things that you need it to do, why bother with any other dating site? Trust me, I've tried out quite a few, including some kinda weird ones. However, I always find myself coming back to this site. It just seems to get all of the essential features just right, and quite a few inessential features too, like the DateSpark Search that picks out other people's dating ideas. As I said, it's all just great stuff.

    Reviewer: Marc Woodward

    Location: Ohio

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  • If you knew my fiancee, you'd know there's no better endorsement than to say I met her on SeniorPeopleMeet. But since you don't know her, let me just say it's a great, minimal-frills site that (clearly) attracts lots of amazing people.

    Reviewer: Lyn

    Location: Montpelier, Vermont

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  • All of the features at POF are very easy to use, I had no trouble searching or communicating with other members.

    Reviewer: Gene Hoffman

    Location: Missouri

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Things to Know About Senior Online Dating

Remember when dating was meeting a friend of a friend for dinner and a movie? Now retiring Baby Boomers have super busy schedules and are socializing through tablet computers on the Internet. What is a senior interested in dating supposed to do?

Getting up to speed with online dating for seniors is a great start. The dating goals for the younger crowd are often about marriage and building a family. However, there are many seniors out there who have already raised families and have lost a spouse to one reason or another and now wish to meet someone. The goals of senior dating are often different than they are for younger people but it still works the same way online.

Online Dating Basics for Seniors

To be sure, dating on the Internet is much like dating in real life. You might have to look through dozens of profiles until the right one meets your eye. The difference is that you can do it from the comfort of your living room. Navigating the world of online dating can be intimidating at first, but itís a lot easier than you think. With a few simple tips, you can be on your way to finding your soul mate in no time.

Choose a Good Senior Dating Website

Be sure to thoroughly investigate the dating website. Make sure that it is for seniors. Read the fine print. The general rule of getting what one pays for follows here too. Subscription-based sites generally offer better service and results than the free dating sites. Check out the payment and refund policies. Do not commit for long term services. Most monthly subscription websites let customers terminate service at any time with the end date being the last day of the monthly service period based on the date one signed up.

About Your Profile

Your profile should be a small window into your lifestyle and personality. Think of it as an advertisement that describes who you are and what you are looking for. Make it interesting and unique. Online users canít see how vibrant and special you are in person, so itís important to use language that can carry that message across text. Choose recent pictures that are flattering but accurate. The ultimate goal of online dating is meeting in person, so itís important to make your profile as honest as possible without giving away sensitive information.

Chatting Online

Online relationships start with private messages that you send or receive. If you spot a profile that sparks your interest, send over a message to see if you can establish a connection. Donít use short or ambiguous phrases. Mention what aspect of the profile you found interesting and relate it to your own experiences. Keep in mind that most people send out and receive many messages on a regular basis before they find someone they want to meet in person. Donít get discouraged if you donít find success immediately.

Online Dating Safety

Senior generations grew up in a more trusting environment and have difficulty navigating risky situations online. Keep in mind that the Internet is global and that the world can be dangerous at times in different places. There are bad neighborhoods that are avoided in real life, and there are people who lie. Keep that in mind and steer away from risky neighborhoods (websites) on the Internet and do not believe every claim. If it sounds too good to be true, it really is just that. Avoid meeting in private. Go to a public place a distance away from home and bring a friend. Always have an exit strategy, and do not feel obligated under any old-fashioned social protocols.

Finally, when building an online profile, be truthful. Do not pretend to be something false. Otherwise it brings disappointments with the type of dates the profile attracts. If one's lifestyle is more sedentary than active, let it be known. It applies equally if one's life is more active than sedentary. Not telling the truth becomes discouraging in that potential dates will not be what is sought. If the future possibility of remarrying is on the table or out of the question, tell the truth about that too.